Finding The Perfect Map

At Mapcarte our goal is to help you find the perfect map.

We welcome the opportunity to assist new collectors, one-time gift-givers, interior designers, and anyone interested in exploring the wide world of antique maps. The sheer number of antique maps in circulation can be daunting. But discovering ancient boundaries, geographical mistakes, masterful cartouches, and monsters ruling the open seas can make your search a fascinating journey.

To customize your search, we begin by developing a clear picture of what you want. We’ll ask a number of questions about your needs: the map’s focal point, dimensions, age, price range, preferred delivery time, and intended use. Then we’ll help refine your goal based on our extensive knowledge of the antique map marketplace.

Although Mapcarte carries a large inventory of fine maps, we do not restrict our searches to maps in our collection. We draw upon an extensive network of domestic and international map dealers, and if the map you request is available, we will source and obtain it for you at no extra charge. If the criteria we develop together allow more than one option, we’ll find a selection for you to consider – again at no extra charge.

Our Mapcarte inventory includes authentic original maps and atlases from the 16th to the early 20th centuries. The regional galleries on this site offer representative samples of our on-hand offerings. These are fine quality maps we would display in our own home. We take particular pride in bringing to you the most beautiful and interesting maps available.

To get started on your quest for the perfect map, please just call or email us. We welcome your questions and are eager to help you begin your search.

Dirk Vos